At Marine Aquatics  we are dedicated to providing our clients the type of aquarium in which you don't have to replace water as in fresh water .

Marine Aquatics  only provide Saltwater aquarium wih saltwater fishes ans Invertebrates ,it look more beautyfull than a fresh water .

There seems to be an unlimited amount of fish and invertebrates available to keep in a saltwater tank. Freshwater hobbyists certainly have invertebrates available but not to the extent of saltwater. You name it, we have it . From corals, clams, shrimps, worms, sea stars, feather dusters, etc.

Marine Aquariums Maintenance Saltwater Tank Services

Marine Aquatics  offers your worry-free enjoyment with our professional customize Saltwater marine aquarium maintenance services to keep your Saltwater Tanks healthy and thriving. We design a maintenance program to fit the specific needs of each client. With weekly, fortnightly or monthly servicers that can cover:

  • General inspection of the aquarium
  • Servicing and cleaning filtration units including pumps, skimmers, reactors, CO2 units, UV lights, etc
  • Monitoring the water quality parameters
  • Checking the health of all livestock
  • Water changes and top-offs as required
  • Cleaning inside and out
  • Mineral supplements as required
  • Report cards
  • Quarantine facility for sick fish
  • Food inventory and drop off service
  • Emergency power failure procedures
  • 24 hour emergency services

Why Do I Need Professional Marine Saltwater Aquariums Tank Maintenance Services?

Convenience – You don’t have to worry about cleaning the tank, ordering food and supplies, maintaining critical levels like salinity and PH, or other time consuming and sometimes complex procedures.

Reliability – we know your time is value and that’s why we ensure prompt and reliable service to your home or office.

Healthier Livestock – Fish, coral, and other species do better when cared for by professional aquarists.

Our work

We Make the most beautyfull saltwater aquariums in delhi ncr , we provide fully equiped reef and fish only tanks , with fully automated system in which lights change colors.